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it's proof <http://amhi.cf/lists/lt.php?id=YUgFAwBRUU9RU1UdU1wDX1cNVg>
you are in the Matrix
, and it will take you about an hour
to verify that.

and johhny atum five's seed
has been spread far and v

he reminds tarkanian, and we're at well past time

the moon in thcoeleven
th housc

and i <http://amhi.cf/lists/lt.php?id=YUgFAQ9cXE9RU1UdU1wDX1cNVg>
... ali

t'well past time ancient promises and dreams old and new ...

begin to come true

speak of it

and it


tada ... the end of Jericho 多 ... & i the heart of Chosein 大


It probably goes without saying, but just in case you weren't sure the
information that I'm beginning to send to a much larger audience has been
seen by millions of people--around the world professors at universities,
the press and clergy of nearly every denomination of church you can
imagine. I wouldn't say it's been "poorly received" it's very easy to tell
from readership statistics that "people are talking about it" though it
gave /new personal meaning to songs like the Sound of Silence
and "break on through, to the other side
." /


I don't think it takes much "soul searching" to see that a message from
God--everywhere (I've noted comparable to SETI receiving a tagged
commentary on "everything"
)--should probably be on the news--and should have been ... the entirety of
the now 3 years I've been asking millions of people for that. Adding it's
purpose, to end disease and murder and ... aging and death (in addition to
tyranny and censorship and slavery) ... this really is a "*/no brainer/*." 

/ <http://amhi.cf/lists/lt.php?id=YUgFAwBSU09RU1UdU1wDX1cNVg>

/"*an ach r o n
is m*" like ... "Automated Clearing House" in ... preaching/


/I think it's very clear /at this point that the message we are co-writing
comes to us from God, from the creator of language and of this work--along
with the walkthru that we can see in Exodus ... a message about breaking
through a censorship monster (and even that little apathetic feeling that
makes you not realize how important open and honest communication really is
to the "survival of civilization") and through a dark plague of not seeing
obvious reference to modern technology in ancient scripture--lightning the
fact that this whole production revolves around the disclosure that we are
in virtual reality and that this message has to us via something like
"virtual time travel." It's clear to me--it's your morality and your ethics
that tell me that this thing cannot be ignored, that we must see a message
that tells us that this simple change in "circumstances" will kindle a kind
of Renaissance that /should / spread like "wild fire" about how we might
use the tools that are behind not just creation but the creation of the
wall of silence and of ... whatever it is that has kept what is "very
obviously very important news" from reaching the public in a way that will
spark debate and solutions out of a mess of ideas.


The wall connects further to system problems with our communications
infrastructure, with the internet and the way we handle email; and
voting--quite a bit of it revolves around the pretty "obvious fact" that we
should be using the internet to vote for ideas--rather than people? At
least we should be moving quickly towards that goal, rather than stagnating
in a mess of ... "we are pretending not to see" how absolutely retarded
civilization and government and the news has become. That's what this
message did for me, it showed me that we were quite far from the "land of
the free and the home of the brave" and seeing what this wall looks like up
close (it's not pretty, imagine Agent Smith intersecting with Medusa and
the Invasion o the Body Snatcher) has made me work harder and faster to
deliver what is clearly designed to free us from "slavery" from mind
control and from a war over whe
ther or not Jim Morrison should have sang "let your children run into
bullets and play

Just another in the long list of things that nobody in their right mind
would "/simulate/" and why this disclosure is literally the beginning of


it's obvious. it's amazing. it's good for everyone. you're idiots if you
don't seize this chance.


If you're intersted, you can download a total hourchi.ve
(figshare) of everything I've written here (newer
), it might be a good idea--since there's absolutely no evidence of the
"key to Salvation" appearing anywhere else ... on Ear


... here's Pope Francis on "disturbed"
and silence <http://amhi.cf/lists/lt.php?id=YUgFAwBcVk9RU1UdU1wDX1cNVg>
... and "me" on Mario
, Wario
, and Luigi <http://amhi.cf/lists/lt.php?id=YUgFAwBcUU9RU1UdU1wDX1cNVg>
Joe <http://amhi.cf/lists/lt.php?id=YUgFAwBcUk9RU1UdU1wDX1cNVg>


speaking of /our/ it should take about an Hour
to statistically prove there's a "SIGNAL
" rather than "NOIZE
" throughout ... language and religion. An hour of your time ... to stop
terrorism (and infernal blind stu*p*i*d*

To be as "not stupid" as possible, the more people you send this to, and
the faster you do it--the faster "artificial stupid" will fade away.
There's really not many other plausible explanations for how this
absolutely moronic and self defeating "darkness" could possibly be--and
you'll see that, very soon.


guess what? Try these words:

"No more silence
, no more terrorism


Really get the point here is to literally end world hunger,
cure all disease
, and end murder
... building Heaven ... by disclosing the biggest secret
that's ever been, a/k/a "the original lie." This is the only way
to continue... period. Mars is not really a game, it's a horror show until
this is done, and that should be obv

IMOHIO <http://amhi.cf/lists/lt.php?id=YUgFAwFUVk9RU1UdU1wDX1cNVg>
, this is an instant Nobel prize, and it should take about 3 seconds
(alright maybe a week) to statistically prove through anachronism and
"SIGNAL <http://amhi.cf/lists/lt.php?id=YUgFAwFUV09RU1UdU1wDX1cNVg>
" that this is in fact a message coming directly from "The Matrix" (and
MInority Report). Find someone that can do this, please, ASAP--every day,
every day we wait is another day of "Jacksonville."


of uh, "kiss
" c-AL
... liber
... thank you <http://amhi.cf/lists/lt.php?id=YUgFAwFUU09RU1UdU1wDX1cNVg>


Growing fonder every day of the phrase "the heart of hisword
is the shape of his table
..." Truly seeing the script, the path laid out in religion over thousands
of years ... and the grand ignorance of the entire world refusing to
acknowledge "every letter is lit" a glyph, intelligently designed to help
you see the import of "free speech" and "free thinking" and the idiocy that
surrounds us in this day, the lack of a Golden Age ... until you wake up.

I need people to see how important it is that we don't "pretend we don't
see" and even more important that we don't fail to act on this message that
includes things like Facebook's Jupiter and Monster.com in it's exposition
of why /oncologists and optometrists
/ (on C our light, /OP/ to *you*, "I thought I saw you TRY
") probably won't be so upset about the idea that a "second life"
occupation makes quite a bit of sense in the world that we are moving
towards--the one where we live for thousands and thousands o years. It's
really important that we have some statistical guidance showing us how it
is that this message and the darkness and the wall all go to proving it's
veracity--that it comes from God and that it proves we are in "The Matrix"
as what I see every day is very much not possible in reality. Hi five,
these AIDS of the book of Names will make us the builders of Heaven, just
as soon as you call a reporter (either with a statistical analysis, or just
your proof that you can "think clearly").





I've attached PDF files of my two latest books ("share your wine
" and "the holy coda of the matrix
" which judging by their sales will probably be priceless collectors items
in ... /no time at all/), which are themselves compilations of emails you
can read for free on my website
--I know it's not that easy to grasp at first, but there's a whole play
encoded in the words that we speak every day--a sort of story and
explanation that will help us to see purpose and why it is that we're in a
"hurry" to see a railroad track in "Roddenberry"
designed to feed the hungry and the wise Romulan Ale--or /Cranberries
/. Of course there's some controversy revolving around me and the
superficial reasons that the "wall" is probably using to ease their minds;
stuff about drugs and police, and a myriad of other social problems like
eugenics and a failing justice system that show why the "microcosm of the
Messiah" is really about lighting these issues so that we can fix them too.

Nearly every single thing that's been "done to me" including the denial of
a trial, of privacy, and of free speech (and thought) are systemic problems
that I see the whole world experiencing, I hope that by being a little
embarrassed ... and sharing the actual truth with you ... we might see how
mind control and ignorance are really behind the reason "bath salt" graces
the beginning of the word "name" and why it's in the Occidental naming of
China; and how those clues should lead us to help stop an epidemic at the
hallowed initials "AD" beginning the ish'd lyrics of /"it's been awhile
since I wasn't addictionary


"Science may one day cure addiction
, but it hasn't done so yet" .. so goes the first in a series of mantras
spoken by the damned of our day; phrases I call "torches
" for a fire that morality simly will not allow to be subdued. It should be
more than clear from what you are seeing around you and epxeriencing--even
if through nothing more than this language and the mechanism by which it's
been hidden... that science has very much reverse engineered the innner
workings of our minds, and paired with this Exodus from darkness ... comes
a very clear message that we should be solving these problems using every
available means.

For another torch
try "God is good all the time" chanted by prisoners all around America
just before meal time, just before being served green eggs, mystery ham
, and four slicces of bread. I think it's a clear message not just to me,
nor to the "wise yet to be fed" by Ecclesiasters 9:11
-- this is a message to you, to change the world we live in, and it's on

God is something I intend to make good, all the fucking time--that's
literally the heart of this message about turning what appeared once to be
a cold unccaring Universe into something that actually deserves the
attribute "created."

Whatever blindness or total idiocy has held back this message and this
information from the news up until this day--it is nothing more than
that--total immorality. "As in the days of Noah" another phrase to remind
us here and now that just because the majority--or everyone you don't see
speaking doesn't mind that our lives and our civilization have been turned
into a literal game
--that we have decided through force majeure that the avaialble truth and
the available technology are not required to solve our problems--truly the
problems of "others"--simply because it's always been this way, because
nature was made without any intelligent guidance.... to stand here and look
at this message, and to say that we should be "simulating pain" and
"simulating disease" just because ... just because you'd prefer to pretend
that we are bound by those rules, that's evil, it's nothing short of evil.

I won't stand for it--and neither would the people that I grew up with, the
world that raised me; we should know with all our minds that the future
will look back on this generation as a turning point away from pure
idiocy--from an unimaginable lack of "humanity" ... that they will look
back on the time before this disclosure was made clear as totally barbaric
and backwards, the kind of thing ... well there's nothing comparable in all
our history, and hopefully there never again will be anything to compare
this darkness to. Act, take action today; this message is very clear. 


ring. ring. ring.



a kiss <http://amhi.cf/lists/lt.php?id=YUgFAwFXVk9RU1UdU1wDX1cNVg>
... by any other Hibiscus



"talk about raising Atlantis
... and I will come


INATION, of "abomination
" and "assassination
" in reverse... along with Medusa, and 

as u dem...

(are you the beginning of democracy, tho?)




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