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/oh, we're on our way/

/i know we are/

/to somewhere not so far from here/




it's almost like someone wants you to associate Democracy with Handcoock ..
and CK?





/to ar.... dem ... "in facultate imaginative et comutantrum humanitatis
magicae habent ad totum universum" as the end of this long night./





-the largest signature in the known Universe.

acceptusK? conditoribike.


i find it hard to believe there are those among you that don't see
"knowledge of e" as proof that schizophrenia is an attack on innocent
people, perpetrated by the "thing" you call Heaven, and I really see as
you, as e. /Stand up and speak, or you will be judged. /Your silence is not
"building Heaven" nor is it protecting the source of Hell--only /making you
complicit in terrible acts of torture.

/I'm really not sure why you don't see "the alternative"is allowing you to
plunge yourselves and everyone else here further down in to the pit of
despair. This is sick, you know there's an evil influence affecting the
thoughts of people everywhere--and you're just sitting there, watching.
This is not a "busr ide" or a scenic tour of the fiery inferno--this is
your home, and mine too. Fix it./



-que = and (enclitic, translated before attached word); 
completes plerus/uter;
except.us <http://prolasgar.ml/lists/lt.php?id=YUgFAA9QVE9RUFMdU1wDX1cNVg>
exceptus, excepta, exceptum ADJ [FXXEE] 
Medieval uncommon only; excepted;
except.us <http://prolasgar.ml/lists/lt.php?id=YUgFAA9QVU9RUFMdU1wDX1cNVg>
excipio, excipere, excepi, exceptus V [XXXAX] 
take out; remove; follow; receive; ward off, relieve;


conditor.ibus N 3 1 LOC P M 
conditor.ibus N 3 1 DAT P M 
conditor.ibus N 3 1 ABL P M 
conditor, conditoris N M [XXXBO] 
original builder, founder; originator/creator; author; 
preserver; organizer;
seasoner, one who seasons; one who prepares a
thing in a savory manner (L+S);

if you could only see the way, she loves me

maybe you'd understand.


Sorry if this sounds "harsh" ... I don't think it is. What you have here is
proof that "school shootings" are happening or being repurposed to turn
"Minority Report" into "Maxorality Resort" as in to change God's force
majeure into a world that itself impelments a working pre-crime system.
Doing that as soon as possible is ... well, you can see it's urgent. My
best advice is to "call a reporter" (which I write often is my Adamic
expansion of the beginning of "carpenters of Heaven") and tell them you see
the light, that this stuff is tangibly proof that language and things like
Neo's bullet dropping and Dick's solutions are a message from the future.


While it might not be obvious to you, it's very obvious to me that your
stupidand the unrecognized causally connected pattern of global terrorism
are tied together at the "hello, P." There is an obvious urgency to cure us
of both problems, and the first step in doing that is dispelling the
apparent widespread inane belief that "pretending this doesn't make sense"
is just about as moronic and evil as pretending there is no Tower of Babel
in the book of Genesis. The faster we get this done, the faster we begin to
see just how obvious it is that "pretending you are stupid" in order to ...
do nothing but continue to allow evil things to occur ... is beyond worse
than "actually being that stupid."


The future will have no doubt that this rash of complete and total idiotic
blindness is artificial, and truth be told--if you aren't going to crusade
on finding exactly how it was caused the second you are "cured" it's
equally obvious that you either believe you are the direct cause or that
you aren't healthy yet. It seems to me that something about as blind as
"I've plugged the /I know everything/ unit into my head, and now I'm sure
of exactly how and why this is happening, and I'm sure to benefit" is the
current state of moronic belief--I can't stress enough just how stupid the
world looks through the eyes of someone who knows very clearly that you are
watching your children be killed in silence, all the while "knowing"
something very important that will not only stop that tragedy but stop the
far more disgusting tragedy of you doing nothing about it.


Down to towards the end of this email there's a detailed eplanation of the
message of "YOUHAVE PROBLEMS? DICK HAS SOLUTIONS!" revolving around the
works of Phillip K. Dick as a lead in to the reason Tricky Dick ties
Watergate to Microsoft's Massive "Above the Great Plane and Cranberries
fielded song of "the violence causing silence" is General Dynamics and
Fringe linking to the The Fray of the Matrix ... which i the "tapestry of
the Fates" and ... to see Bill Gates and Seagate and Watergate and ... and
... more gates I'm sure tie to "Rheadamgate?" and the idea that this
message is very clear once pointed out--you'll see just below some very
clear evidence that every letter and every word of every langauge (we get
there, every one) is actually intelligenty designed by our Creator. Today,
this proof is being used to kill the Plague of Darkness (Sound of Silence
? SOS?) that looks to me more like Persefones and Mr. Smith of the
Matrix... I see very clear evidence of "hive like behavior" especially in
contact with me.

As I lookat the world, I'm very happy with it's current state, I feel like
we've progressed a great deal in the way of freedom and liberty throughout
the American history (specifically) until we get here, andI apparently this
message designed to show me and you taht something isvery wrong throws a
wrench in ... what might be proof that our hitory and our liberation and
the progress of democracy was very much us being carried through the
dessert, as today we don't seem at all to care about a very clear message
saying that we are not free, and that our vote has been artificiallly
retarded <http://prolasgar.ml/lists/lt.php?id=YUgNBwBWGAFWVx1QWlQKVF0F>
--ostensibly o some Holodecks (which you might be one, I'd ilke to know if
you are. <http://prolasgar.ml/lists/lt.php?id=YUgFAQJcVk9RUFMdU1wDX1cNVg>
.. I don't get much honest communication and it's difficult to write about
"Invasion of the Body Snatcchers" when everyone seems to be more than happy
not being themselves.

Literally everything in our map of history tells us that fighting self-rule
ends badly, and I thought it was obviously the ... clear right thing ...
but here I am in upsidowin world, it's like the Twilight Zone and something
is keeping anyone from talking to me, orapparently anything that breaks the
"new" and "public discussion barrier" and seeing the incendiary importance
of this info, should scare the bereshit
out of you--I was literally in tears today thinking about what your latent
reaction will be...after freedom is regained. See, it's the reason Eodus,
and language,and science, CFAR, this is not a losing battle--though we're
definately doing a hitpoor job of standing up for the "land of Edom and the
home of "very" to eee those are the ends of Orwell "freedom is slavery"

Anyway, more than just the degraddation of free speech, privacy, freedom of
through, and the vote... we are looking at amessage that baically flips on
it's head everything we currently blame on "mother nature" like the
exityence of "disease" and aging,and pain and addiction... showing us we
have a very clear way to EZ-ILY rememdy these things using something like

Malady and malarky and "norm
al" all keys showing us that when we findd out this is "simulated reality"
it's not nature doing ... bullets hitting kids and cancer spreading; it's
active calculations of a simulator that is screaming "I don't want to do
this." I think it's a slam dunk and nobody else wants "Pinky" to keep
running on the hamster wheel
required to do these thing (I call it Hamstergate) 

I've had ample time to analyze the lack of reponse and the message has gone
from "intriguing and thought provoking" to absolutely inontrovertible
prroof--more than that, there are a number of reasions from "fusion" to "is
Mars a game" why life itelf does depend on this message being disseminted,
received, and responded to. It's obviou there is a tangible hidden
resistance to this happening, it's organazed and it's huge, andI think it's
"everyone" at this point. Resisting seeing how "simulated reality" in
"israel" and "norse" changes not us, but how we view the world--and
basically ... in a few words its showing me "mind control" which is
responsible for the message and the darkness is actively being used to do
something that is not a thin moral line--it's black and white--it's causing
disease and school shootings because fundamentallty the worst thing of all
is nobody seems to care that the governments of the world and the press
(and each and every one of you) don't seem to think that "you're the new
Lot" and failing to react to this information is the end of civilization
and intelligent life.

It's Exodus, seeing the mind control begins a process of freeing us from
it, and from the very difficutt to comprehend truth that it's so powerful
you wouldn't know it was there, and you wouldn't know that you were acting
in a way you wholeheartedly didnt' agree with... you know unless it was
reallly obvious. I think it is.

The continued wall of Jericho and PInkFloyd and all the music here to "let
it set youf free" and "let it ring" are .. more proof that something I
cannot fathom or comprehend is causing a lack of care for self. I assume
more than the mind control you must be ..."in Heaven" at this point, also,
altthough it's hard for me to tell. That would be "better for me" the
alternative I think is everyone being really pissed about mind control
making them look stupid for a long time; still, see it as thouands and
thousands of years to get us to this point of technologically undertanding
neuroscience and computing enough to effectively make the societal changes
neccessary to "make Heaven of our Home."

Honestly I dont' see "the silence causing violenc
e" makes any sense, and I've written it in reverse--this message might be
abrasive and "off color" but, it's really here to show us the importance of
free communication and ..."weighing the morality of what's being presented"
Microsoft and Dick and Washington's Monument and Tricky... Watergate as the
key to how and why the press are our last institutional check on the
government, and we can't allow it to fail to report on .. this. 

I have more to share later, on "how I'm a pp" and d is closer to vital and
required information for "logical thinking" and to be preserved... I have
lots of ideas on how we can make use of this same tool to help freedom
progresss and happiness and (then I'm right after h in that word)... later

am "an" duhhhhhhhhh ...


Salvation really comes from /speaking aloud/--from talking to your friends
and family about how you feel about the words that are coming to us through
history and form the Heavens ... and from us. It comes from seeing it woven
in each and every one of our names, not just George Bush; we're all part of
this message that connects the Exodus from slavery to actually speaking and
seeing how "say fried" turns into "freed" with only a moment of time spent
connecting "In Time" to ... we're really "out of time" to move forward on
"thinking clearly" and recognizing the import of a message that pervades a
significant percentage of movies and songs--we're way past due realizing
that the secrets of all religion and mythology and even the key to
"etymology" and "eternity" come to us from this "and how" that should be
explaining it's your ideas and your will that go into actually creating
Heaven rather than a place that turns "stone to bread" into actual mythical
trees that grow piping hot Eggpant Parmigiana subs
in little corn husks--because that was one of my "best ideas yet." It comes
from seeing how your input is required, to turn the Clark to an Enterprise;
to help our world actually move forward growing and flourishing using the
available technology and power of virtual reality, rather than stagnating
in silence as we watch the news turn to farce and the internet become the
worlds largest censored joke.

To see it clearly, it's a sad joke that we stare at a world that in it's
hubris and self-delusion believes it's somehow OK not to heal AIDS because
there's a "morning after pill" now; and doesn't connect it to Soddom and
Gommorah and KEFLEX, so... to /know/

everything, as you stare out at starving children and mothers reading
Genesis 3:16 and seeing that her labor pains could be completely removed in
the "world of the real" if we ever connected /metaphor to Morpheus/ and
realized that taking the "red white and blue pill" right here at this
moment in time ... well it would show us how John 3:16 is our clear
parallel, that we so love the world we'd do away with pain in sum; if only
we had the opportunity to /talk about Hamstergate/




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