[klibc] [ANNOUNCE] klibc 2.0.5

Ben Hutchings ben at decadent.org.uk
Fri Jan 18 18:07:09 PST 2019

As a new co-maintainer of klibc, I have just released version 2.0.5. 
The git repository remains at:


A tarball will be available from the usual place later, but I'm not
currently able to upload there.

This new release fixes various build and run-time failures with current
versions of Linux, gcc, and binutils on mips, sparc and x86; and
several other bugs.

It adds support for reboot arguments; additional options for readlink,
mount, and nfsmount; multiple routes offered through DHCP; and the
riscv64 architecture.

It removes support for the m32r architecture, which was already removed
for Linux.

A git shortlog of changes since version 2.0.4 follows.


Alfonso Sanchez-beato (1):
      [klibc] Add support for reboot syscall argument

Aurelien Jarno (1):
      [klibc] ppc64: fix struct stat

Baptiste Jonglez (1):
      [klibc] nfsmount: support nfsvers= and vers= options

Ben Hutchings (25):
      [klibc] MIPS: Update archfcntl.h
      [klibc] Implement realpath()
      [klibc] readlink: Add -f option
      [klibc] mount: Implement -o defaults
      [klibc] Install headers with consistent mode
      [klibc] dash: mkbuiltins: Fix sort order harder
      [klibc] gzip: Fix silent fallback to decompression
      [klibc] run-init: Add dry-run mode
      [klibc] rename, renameat: Use renameat2() system call
      [klibc] Add RISC-V (RV64) port
      [klibc] x86_64: Reduce ld max-page-size option again
      [klibc] Never clean files in quilt status directory
      [klibc] x86_64: Use -Ttext-segment to avoid address collision
      [klibc] i386: Use -Ttext-segment to avoid address collision
      [klibc] Disable PIE
      [klibc] Makefile: Add dependencies on $(KLIBCKERNELSRC)
      [klibc] Kbuild: Remove KLIBCKERNELOBJ variable
      [klibc] Makefile: Update help text for KLIBCKERNELSRC
      [klibc] Kbuild.install: Copy UAPI headers instead of reinstalling them
      [klibc] arch: Remove m32r port
      [klibc] alpha: Support building without glibc headers
      [klibc] fcntl: Fix file locking numbers for 64-bit architectures
      [klibc] Delete makerpm.sh, maketar.sh
      [klibc] Update URLs in docs and spec file
      [klibc] Delete remnants of m32r

Benjamin Drung (2):
      [klibc] ipconfig: Implement classless static routes
      [klibc] mount_main: Fix empty string check

Dejan Latinovic (3):

Greg Thelen (5):
      [klibc] include sys/types.h in more places
      [klibc] remove unused variables
      [klibc] use more consistent quoting
      [klibc] remove some 'make -s' build spew
      [klibc] add more PHONY targets to $(PHONY)

H. Peter Anvin (14):
      [klibc] 2.0.4 released, next version is 2.0.5
      [klibc] Inline __arch_libcinit()
      [klibc] i386: remove special handling of socketcall
      [klibc] Update README.klibc
      [klibc] Remove obsolete getpt() function
      [klibc] Remove sys/socketcalls.h
      [klibc] Add accept4(), handle fallback from accept() to accept4()
      [klibc] Remove open_cloexec()
      [klibc] accept.c: fix file header
      [klibc] Make posix_openpt() an inline
      [klibc] stdlib.h: include <fcntl.h> for inline of posix_grantpt()
      [klibc] Make asprintf() a simple wrapper around vasprintf()
      [klibc] fwrite: flush before a large write to allow better bypass
      [klibc] fwrite: fix typo in comment

Helge Deller (1):
      [klibc] Add pread and pwrite 32bit syscall wrappers for parisc

James Clarke (1):
      [klibc] Fix sparc assembly when compiled as PIC

James Cowgill (5):
      [klibc] mips64: compile with -mno-abicalls
      [klibc] mips: use -Ttext-segment when linking shared library
      [klibc] mips/mips64: simplify crt0 code
      [klibc] mips: don't save floating point registers in setjmp / longjmp
      [klibc] mips64: remove __unused from __jmp_buf

Jay Vosburgh (1):
      [klibc] ipconfig: handle multiple interfaces correctly

Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre (1):
      [klibc] ipconfig: Set broadcast when sending DHCPREQUEST and DHCPDISCOVER

Mauricio Faria de Oliveira (1):
      [klibc] ppc64: ELFv2: Load TOC value in system call stub

Ben Hutchings
Hoare's Law of Large Problems:
   Inside every large problem is a small problem struggling to get out.

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