[klibc] RFT: klibc 2.0.5

Sam Ravnborg sam at ravnborg.org
Fri Jan 18 23:10:29 PST 2019

Hi Ben

>                                 2.0.4                    2.0.5
> --------------------------------------------------------------------
> alpha/alpha-linux-gnu:          fail: fcntl, sigint, 2c  fail: sigint, 2c
> arm/arm-linux-gnueabi:          pass                     pass
> arm/arm-linux-gnueabihf:        pass                     pass
> arm64/aarch64-linux-gnu:        fail: fcntl              pass
> i386/i686-linux-gnu:            fail: build              pass
> m68k/m68k-linux-gnu:            pass                     pass
> mips/mips-linux-gnu:            fail: build              pass
> mips/mipsel-linux-gnu:          fail: build              pass
> mips64/mips64el-linux-gnuabi64: fail: build              pass
> parisc/hppa-linux-gnu:          fail: fcntl, vfork       fail: fcntl, vfork
> ppc/powerpc-linux-gnu:          pass                     pass
> ppc/powerpc-linux-gnuspe:       fail: all tests          fail: all tests
> ppc64/powerpc64-linux-gnu:      fail: fcntl              pass
> ppc64/powerpc64le-linux-gnu:    fail: fcntl              pass
> riscv64/riscv64-linux-gnu:      N/A                      pass
> s390x/s390x-linux-gnu:          fail: fcntl              pass
> sh/sh4-linux-gnu:               pass                     pass
> sparc64/sparc64-linux-gnu:      fail: all tests          fail: select, sigint, 2c
> x86_64/x86_64-linux-gnu:        fail: fcntl              pass
> So this doesn't indicate any regressions,

It indicates significant progress with lot's of issues fixed.

And great to see some fresh energy in the klibc project.
Well done!


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