[klibc] New test results

Ben Hutchings ben at decadent.org.uk
Mon Jan 21 11:33:18 PST 2019

My test script is now published at

I found and fixed another bug in QEMU's userland emulation, specific to
sparc.  I fixed three bugs in klibc.  With those changes, the test
results are:

                                2.0.4          2.0.5          master
alpha/alpha-linux-gnu:          fail: fcntl,   fail: sigint,  fail: 2c
                                sigint, 2c     2c
arm/arm-linux-gnueabi:          pass           pass           pass
arm/arm-linux-gnueabihf:        pass           pass           pass
arm64/aarch64-linux-gnu:        fail: fcntl    pass           pass
i386/i686-linux-gnu:            fail: build    pass           pass
m68k/m68k-linux-gnu:            pass           pass           pass
mips/mips-linux-gnu:            fail: build    pass           pass
mips/mipsel-linux-gnu:          fail: build    pass           pass
mips64/mips64el-linux-gnuabi64: fail: build    pass           pass
parisc/hppa-linux-gnu:          fail: fcntl,   fail: fcntl,   pass
                                vfork          vfork
ppc/powerpc-linux-gnu:          pass           pass           pass
ppc/powerpc-linux-gnuspe:       fail: sigint,  fail: sigint,  fail: sigint,
                                2c             2c             2c
ppc64/powerpc64-linux-gnu:      fail: fcntl    pass           pass
ppc64/powerpc64le-linux-gnu:    fail: fcntl    pass           pass
riscv64/riscv64-linux-gnu:      N/A            pass           pass
s390x/s390x-linux-gnu:          fail: fcntl    pass           pass
sh/sh4-linux-gnu:               pass           pass           pass
sparc64/sparc64-linux-gnu:      fail: all      fail: sigint,  fail: sigint,
                                               2c             2c
x86_64/x86_64-linux-gnu:        fail: fcntl,   pass           pass
                                all shared

Note that all the differences in test results between static and shared
builds, except for 2.0.4/x86_64, were due to the QEMU ELF loader bug
and have now disappeared.

So klibc is in now in a pretty good state on most architectures I'm
able to test.  And I wouldn't be surprised if some of the remaining
failures are due to other QEMU userland emulation bugs.


Ben Hutchings
Klipstein's 4th Law of Prototyping and Production:
                               A fail-safe circuit will destroy others.

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