[klibc] [ANNOUNCE] klibc 2.0.6

Ben Hutchings ben at decadent.org.uk
Thu Jan 31 20:19:48 PST 2019

I have just released version 2.0.6.  This is available in the git
repository at:


and as a tarball at:


This new release fixes run-time bugs in file locking on 32-bit
architectures, vfork() on parisc, and various system calls on alpha. 
It fixes build failures with an out-of-tree build, or with
CONFIG_KLIBC_ZLIB disabled.  The shared library now works on ia64.

This release also enables building executables and libraries with full
debug information, and adds the option to install them without
stripping (CONFIG_DEBUG_INFO).

A git shortlog of changes since version 2.0.5 follows.


Ben Hutchings (13):
      [klibc] 2.0.5 released, next version is 2.0.6
      [klibc] Build and install shared binaries only if KLIBCSHAREDFLAGS is defined
      [klibc] Build and install kinit and sh without ".shared" suffix
      [klibc] Kbuild: Add option to install unstripped binaries
      [klibc] resume: Write resume_offset attribute
      [klibc] Use -Ttext-segment to link shared library on all arches
      [klibc] Kbuild: Enable full debug information
      [klibc] alpha: Fix dual1 system call wrapper
      [klibc] fcntl: Fix struct flock for 32-bit architectures
      [klibc] parisc: Fix vfork()
      [klibc] Fix errlist.c generation in out-of-tree build
      [klibc] alpha: Fix division routine generation in out-of-tree build
      [klibc] Makefile: Honour KBUILD_SRC variable

Christophe Leroy (1):
      [klibc] fix build failure when CONFIG_KLIBC_ZLIB is not set

James Clarke (1):
      [klibc] ia64: Fix shared build

Ben Hutchings
Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans.
                                                          - John Lennon

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