[klibc] [ANNOUNCE] klibc 2.0.8

Ben Hutchings ben at decadent.org.uk
Fri Aug 21 18:19:09 PDT 2020

I have released version 2.0.8.  This is available in the git
repository at:


and as a tarball at:


New features:
- Support for building with clang and lld, at least on x86
- Defined sysconf(), initially supporting only _SC_PAGE_SIZE
- Defined clearerr() as extern
- Defined stdio _unlocked functions and macros
- Support for building without bash

Bug fixes:
- Fix build regression with gcc 10
- Executable stacks are disabled on architectures where they are not
- fstype no longer checks whether an ext4 module is installed, which
  did not work correctly with compressed modules
- losetup uses the kernel's structure definitions, rather than its own
  which were wrong for some architectures
- ipconfig ignores extra fields in the ip and nfsaddrs kernel
  parameters, rather than treating them as an error
- Various warning fixes

Other changes:
- Removed cris port
- losetup always uses the modern loop ioctl API
- dash changes from upstream are documented

A git shortlog of changes since version 2.0.7 follows.


Antonio Ospite (2):
      [klibc] dash: shell: Fix clang warnings about "string plus integer"
      [klibc] dash: output: Fix clang warnings about GNU old-style field designator

Ben Hutchings (26):
      [klibc] 2.0.7 released, next version is 2.0.8
      [klibc] fstype: Drop obsolete support for "ext4dev"
      [klibc] losetup: Fix char signedness mismatches with <linux/loop.h>
      [klibc] losetup: Delete fallbacks to LOOP_{GET,SET}_STATUS
      [klibc] losetup: Use LOOP_CTL_GET_FREE to find free device
      [klibc] ipconfig: Document support for DNS server addresses
      [klibc] ipconfig: Ignore NTP server address and any additional fields
      [klibc] Kbuild: Tell gas we don't want executable stacks
      [klibc] dash: README.dash: Change patch sync commands to use mailbox
      [klibc] dash: README.dash: Do all patch filtering with filterdiff
      [klibc] dash: README.dash: Include "dash:" and upstream commit in patches
      [klibc] dash: README.dash: List the changes from upstream
      [klibc] Suppress format truncation warnings for sprintf() and vsprintf()
      [klibc] ipconfig: Fix alignment of packet structure
      [klibc] nfsmount: Fix alignment of packet structures
      [klibc] README.klibc: Document the KBUILD_REPRODUCIBLE variable
      [klibc] arch: Remove cris port
      Revert "[klibc] Kbuild: Tell gas we don't want executable stacks"
      [klibc] Kbuild: Add a per-architecture option to disable exectable stacks
      [klibc] arch: Explicitly disable or enable executable stacks
      [klibc] Kbuild: Fix the compiler execstack option
      [klibc] stdio: Add extern definition of clearerr()
      [klibc] stdio: Define all the _unlocked functions and macros
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/sysconf'
      [klibc] tests: Add a trivial test for sysconf()
      [klibc] klcc: Treat CC, LD, STRIP as multiple words

Bill Wendling (5):
      [klibc] Kbuild: add support for clang builds
      [klibc] Kbuild: support clang's lld
      [klibc] Kbuild: Add "-fcommon" for clang builds
      [klibc] Clean up clang warnings
      [klibc] use "--just-symbols" for compatibility with LLD

Dimitri John Ledkov (1):
      [klibc] loop: switch to linux/loop.h

H. Peter Anvin (1):
      [klibc] Framework and trivial implementation of sysconf(3)

Olliver Schinagl (1):
      klcc: Remove the need for bash

Ben Hutchings
When in doubt, use brute force. - Ken Thompson

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