[klibc] [PATCH klibc 2/3] arm: Move shared library below executables

Thorsten Glaser tg at debian.org
Sun Jul 16 15:06:07 PDT 2023

Ben Hutchings dixit:

>> There are two nōn-UTF-8 characters in the patch here?
>mutt decided to recode the message as ISO 8859-1.  Maybe your mailer
>isn't converting as necessary?

Ah, right. I was just looking at the patch… didn’t expect it
to be recoded to a legacy charset.

(I taught pine not to do that, if needed by including at least
one nōn-latin1 codepint somewhere…)

Then that point is moot, of course.

18:47⎜<mirabilos:#!/bin/mksh> well channels… you see, I see everything in the
same window anyway      18:48⎜<xpt:#!/bin/mksh> i know, you have some kind of
telnet with automatic pong         18:48⎜<mirabilos:#!/bin/mksh> haha, yes :D
18:49⎜<mirabilos:#!/bin/mksh> though that's more tinyirc – sirc is more comfy

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