[Lancelot] Alternative to Altera Cyclone EP1C20: Stratix EP1S10

Tommy Thorn tommy at numba-tu.com
Sun Feb 1 11:15:32 PST 2004

While trying to determine which is the largest FPGA supported by free 
tools (either A or X), I noticed Quartus supports the Stratix EP1S10.  
The EP1S10 has roughly half the gates of an EP1C20, but it is faster(*) 
and has almost 5x the internal memory:
- LEs: 10,570
- M512 RAM blocks (32x18 bit): 94
- M4K RAM blocks (128x36 bit): 60
- M-RAM blocks (4Kx144 bit): 1
- Total RAM bits: 920,448
- DSP blocks: 6
- Embedded multipliers: 48
- PLLs: 6
- Max user IO pins: 426

The Nios Dev Kit, Stratix edition is similar to the Cyclone edition 
apart from the FPGA and the price is the same.

(*) My MIPS design went from 25.7MHz to 52.5MHz when compiled for the 

Just worth keeping in mind.


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