[Lancelot] Updated cfplayer project

Tommy Thorn tommy at numba-tu.com
Sat Oct 9 01:35:39 PDT 2004


I finally got around to testing this and it works now (quite load 
actually).   I haven't checked yet if the missing power or the timing 
improvements was the culpit.

Curriously, the mini-jack leaves something to be desired: my iPod 
headphones have to be inserted only so much to make the correct connection.

Tres cool.


H. Peter Anvin wrote:

> I have updated the cfplayer project to:
> a) Drive cf_power properly;
> b) Latch cf_wait_n synchronously (and change the timings slightly), 
> which seems to keep it from latching up with certain CF cards;
> c) Handle the CPU RESET button correctly;
> d) Cleaned up some of the code, e.g. moved the display decode to a 
> separate module;
> e) Update to Quartus II 4.1 SP1.
> ftp://ftp.zytor.com/pub/fpga/cfplayer/
> As before, the CF card should be written with raw 44100 Hz 16 bit 
> bigendian data, one channel (mono).  It might be that with the timing 
> improvements it could handle stereo, I don't know.
>     -hpa
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