[Lancelot] Stratix III

Tommy Thorn tommy at numba-tu.com
Thu Nov 9 09:31:25 PST 2006

H. Peter Anvin wrote:
>> Unlike the Lancelot, the SD-card adapter would be trivially cheap. I
>> might even convince Digilent to produce and sell it (they already have a
>> line of peripherals that plugs right into the board). If so, it would
>> not really be unportable as anyone who can buy the board can buy the
>> adapter also.
> That would definitely be a nice touch.

I asked them, but haven't heard a reply yet. If they aren't doing it, I could 
probably manage a small scale production myself.

EETimes' cover story is on the Stratix-III and a story about Altera that 
explains why things improved so rapidly for them in recent years: 

Listning to various EEs I get the feeling that is Altera is under-appreciated 
and there is a lot of inertia to be overcome.


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