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Jade Parker JadeParker at ezi.com
Fri Oct 15 18:40:27 PDT 2004

Hi All

http://www.SurveygGigantic.com is dedicated to bringing to you a
list of proven companies willing to pay cash for your opinion.
Having up to date information and credible companies, this is
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Unlike other websites which only offer a list of companies Survey
Gigantic offers loads of products to show you how to start earning
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- Sell on eBay!
- Internet Marketing Explorer
- Pay per click advertising
- Tips to web success
- Plus much more...

We believe in the dreamer, but only the dreamer who takes action
will achieve their goal. To earn more you will have to participate,
that is a fact!

They offer a free book with a thought provoking concept -
'Double your way to a $million in 28 steps'. Brief but shows that
ideas and action generate cash. This is only one of the benefits of
visiting this site - with a constantly updating service as a member
you will get all the current features plus any new ones introduced.

This is a must see site. I give this site A++. They currently have a
half price lifetime membership. Don't miss out!

Absolutely Fantastic

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