H. Peter Anvin hpa at zytor.com
Wed May 31 22:22:59 PDT 2006

Jacques Mony wrote:
> Hi,
> I looking for a large-scale persistence solution for the Unununium
> operating system (unununium.org). At the moment, I do consider using
> the Linux kernel as the kernel, but build something else over it. One
> of the key feature of the OS would be persistence. However, up to now,
> the persistence solutions we have found were maily based on whole
> process checkpointing. While this is not so bad, we are considering a
> way to make persistent only data.
> We want to run everything into one single process... but might use many 
> threads.
> Do you think lpsm can help there? We would need to manage the whole
> memory area with it... and probably more than the physical RAM, as we
> don't want to use a file system anymore.

I just looked at the Unununium website... this is exactly what I 
designed LPSM for, actually.  I first ran into this kind of persistent 
environments with MOO (http://www.ipomoea.org/moo/), and wanted to find 
a way to make it performant without sacrificing the rest of the Linux 

Adding thread support shouldn't be a problem, and with futexes, it 
should be really fast.


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