We have high quality MD and Dentist lists for less than five hundred bucks

Laverne H Nguyen xapcnqromenhjt at foodcontrol.com
Sun Feb 14 02:26:50 PST 2010

Let me know which ones List or Package you need and I will send breakdowns & samples 

PACKAGE 1=We would like to offer you any 5 list from the catalog for $499.99 
PACKAGE 2=We would like to offer you any 4 list from the catalog for $399.99 
PACKAGE 3=We would like to offer you any 3 list from the catalog for $329.99 
PACKAGE 4=We would like to offer you any 2 list from the catalog for $289.99 

Physicians 788k records,& emails (reg$599)Sale$249.00 
Chiropractors (reg$329)Sale =$149.00 
Alternative Medicine (reg$379)Sale =$149.00 
Dentists - 164k records,(reg$499)Sale =$249.00 
Veterinarians (reg$299)Sale =$139.00 
Hospitals (reg$349) =$149.00 
National Health Service Corp Clinics (reg$259)Sale =$149.00 
Nursing Homes (reg$329)Sale =$149.00 
Pharmaceutical Companies (reg$499)Sale =$249.00 
Physical Therapists (reg$299)Sale =$149.00 
Oncology Doctors (reg$299)Sale =$149.00 
US Surgery Centers (reg$349)Sale =$149.00 
Acupuncturists (reg$259)Sale =$149.00 
Hotels - 34,815 (reg$199)Sale =$129.00 
Criminal Attorneys - 142,906 total records, 99,857 emails (reg$299)Sale =$149.00 
Real Estate Agents - 1 million records with emails (reg$499)Sale =$269.00 
Massage Therapists (reg$299)Sale =$149.00 
Medical Equipment Suppliers - 167,425 total records,& emails (reg$339)Sale =$169.00 
Mental Health Counselors - 283,184 records,& emails (reg$279)Sale =$149.00 
Visiting Nurses & RN's (reg$359)Sale =$169.00 
Optometrists (reg$289)Sale =$149.00 
Psychologists (reg$359)Sale =$169.00 
Police and Sheriff Services(reg$299=Sale$149.00 
American Business Email List - 2 million emails various businesses (reg$399)Sale =$269.00 
US New Business Database - 4.8 million records all with emails (reg$499=Sale$249.00 
Manufacturers Database - 1,057,119 records with 476,509 emails (reg$399)=Sale$249.00 
USA Lawyers Database - 269,787 records with 235,244 emails (reg$459) =Sale$239.00 
Financial Planners Database - 148,857 records all with emails (reg$379) =Sale$229.00 
Finance and Money Professionals Database - 116,568 records all with emails (reg$299)=Sale$149.00 
American Consumer Database - 300,000 records all with emails. (reg$300)=Sale$149.00 

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