[klibc] Re: klibc integrated with the 2.5.8-rc2 kernel

Sam Ravnborg sam at ravnborg.org
Fri Jul 30 22:37:06 PDT 2004

On Fri, Jul 30, 2004 at 08:56:00AM -0500, H. Peter Anvin wrote:
> Sam Ravnborg wrote:
> >
> >hpa: How do we proceed with this. I do _not_ want to track klibc
> >in my bk tree. But I want to finish off the kbuild integration over the
> >next few weeks.
> >
First just to explain why I do not want to track klibc. That is doomed to lack behind
and we will come into situations where "bug is fixed in klibc, but not in Sam's BK".
Or even worse I may screw something up and miss some stuff.

> I think it's probably necessary to track klibc until integration is 
> complete, since I need to make fixes for you.  Unfortunately I can't 
> help you since I am not allowed to touch bk.
> It's probably easiest to track from the cvs repository, as opposed from 
> the tarballs.
Given this a second thought after some sleep I have the follow plan:
1) Agree on file layout in the kernel, and what to add there
2) Mirror the layout in CVS klibc
3) Include kbuild files in klibc-CVS
4) Make a small script to copy CVS-klibc files to a kernel
	- This script will also patch the kernel as needed

This would work for everybody.
klibc user just get latest klic tarball and apply it to a fresh kernel.
I just send hpa regular patches for CVS-klibc
klibc-users yells if the kernel build breaks and I fix it

When we aim for integration it is a diff on the kernel
with klibc added.

My patch touches only 4 files in the kernel, the rest are
changes to klibc files.

What I plan to do to avoid conflicts between kbuild changes and
o The Makefile's will be called Kbuild
o MCONFIG files in arch/$(ARCH)/... will be named Kbuild.config
  if they requre tweaking
o Makfile.inc in arch/$(ARCH)/... will be replaced by a Kbuild file
o The build system in klibc-CVS will be tweaked to add additional
  arguments to the perl scripts so the changes are compatible

Does this look sensible?
If we agree on this then lets go forward with 1) the directory layout.


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