[klibc] Question about islower() in ctype.h (ANSI compat headers test)

H. Peter Anvin hpa at zytor.com
Mon Mar 7 13:55:33 PST 2005

Martin Schlemmer wrote:
>>Your ISLOWER() is broken and only applies to ASCII, so using it in the 
>>range > 127 is just crap.
> Not mine, the one from autoconf's AC_HEADER_STDC check :)

That one would be ASCII-specific.  Actually it looks for ASCII and 
EBCDIC and has one version for each.  Since everything that matters is a 
superset of ASCII these days, it's a reasonable thing.

It doesn't seem worth it dropping the iso-8859-1 default for high bytes 
(it makes the table 128 bytes larger but the code for each invocation 
gets smaller since it doesn't have to bounds-check); I don't expect to 
have any kind of wide char/Unicode support any time soon, as much as I 
like Unicode.


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