[klibc] Cross compiling klibc for arm and linking shared stuff

Martin Schlemmer azarah at nosferatu.za.org
Wed Mar 9 07:11:28 PST 2005


I am getting this:

armv4-unknown-linux-gnu-ld  -o tests/fcntl.shared -e main interp.o tests/fcntl.o -R libc.so /usr/lib/gcc-lib/armv4-unknown-linux-gnu/3.3.5/libgcc.a
armv4-unknown-linux-gnu-ld: internal error: aborting at /space/var/tmp/portage/binutils- line 3835 in lang_place_orphans
armv4-unknown-linux-gnu-ld: please report this bug

When trying to cross compile for armv4, and was wondering if anybody
know of a patch to fix that ... I have tried different versions of
binutils as well.


Martin Schlemmer

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