[klibc] Query regarding initramfs

Rachita Kothiyal rachitako at in.ibm.com
Tue Mar 29 06:11:22 PST 2005


1. Had one more basic query, how are initrd and initramfs different ?

Of what I understand, the following are the differnces:

a. initrd's format is ext2 filesysstem(compressed) while that of initramfs
is compressed cpio(newc) archive.
   But when we are loading the initramfs dynamically, we are inturn using

b. initramfs gets unpacked and comes into action a little earlier than
linux-src/init/main.c:init()....initramfs does not do prepare_namespace()
at all while
initrd goes thru it.

2. How is initramfs better over initrd? Isnt it just redundant? What are we
achiveing by initramfs that initrd does not provide ?

3. Like in the case of initramfs, even in the case of initrd, it is mounted
as root. Then why do we pass root=/dev/initrd in case of initramfs while
root=<root_device> incase of initrd?


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