[klibc] EXTRA_KLIBCCFLAGS and dash

H. Peter Anvin hpa at zytor.com
Sat Jul 8 14:56:10 PDT 2006

Sam Ravnborg wrote:
>> diff --git a/usr/dash/Kbuild b/usr/dash/Kbuild
>> index 8e5184e..6e743f8 100644
>> --- a/usr/dash/Kbuild
>> +++ b/usr/dash/Kbuild
>> @@ -18,7 +18,7 @@ DEFAULT_INCLUDES := \
>>         -I$(srctree)/$(src) -I$(objtree)/$(obj) \
>>         -include $(srctree)/$(src)/config.h
> This is bogus. KLIBCCFLAGS is a internal thing that users shall not fool
> with. EXTRA_KLIBCCFLAGS is exactly used for this purpose. And if it does not
> work then we shall fix kbuild - we shall not circumvent it.

Who is the "user" here?  It seems that Martin's patch is a change to the 
dash Kbuild file, which doesn't seem like "the user" to me...

The whole file segment seems a bit weird, when you think about it, 
especially the invocation of $(CFLAGS).  I think the dash Kbuild file 
needs some cleaning up.


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