[klibc] updates to Documentation/nfsroot.txt ?

Jim Cromie jim.cromie at gmail.com
Tue Jun 20 06:25:40 PDT 2006

in Documentation/nfsroot.txt, it says:

1.) Enabling nfsroot capabilities

In order to use nfsroot you have to select support for NFS during
kernel configuration. Note that NFS cannot be loaded as a module
in this case. The configuration script will then ask you whether
you want to use nfsroot, and if yes what kind of auto configuration
system you want to use. Selecting both BOOTP and RARP is safe.

WRT the 'dont build module' advice - it implies (thru omission) that 
loading the module early -
via initrd, would not work.  early loading would work for file-systems,
so that sweeping statement could stand some refinement.
Is there a special case here that makes nfsroot different than root on 
LVM, etc ?

WRT     nfsroot=[<server-ip>:]<root-dir>[,<nfs-options>]

I find the 1st sentence slightly confusing - 1st, wouldnt the comment be 
more appropriate
under the <root-dir> sub-topic ?    As to the  "/tftpboot/%s" , isnt 
that wholly the
business of the tftpd server ? (and not controllable by the client).

Besides, do folks really mount nfsroot clients onto /tftpboot ?
Seems a conflation of 2 separate things  

In any case, with the advent of klibc, the above could probably stand 
some updating.
If we hash them out here, and I understand them sufficiently, I'll prep 
a doc-patch,
and we successively refine it.


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