[klibc] Instructions for using klibc

Phil Howard phil-klibc at ipal.net
Sat Feb 3 18:39:02 PST 2007

Now that I got klibc to build, the next step is to leanr what it takes to
compile ... and most importantly, link ... a program with klibc.  Past
experience with the GNU toolchain tells me GCC will be a bit of a trouble
maker in this, probably trying to make inappropriate library references
that would work fine with glibc.  I do not currently have any intent to
make shared/dynamically linked programs.  So right now all I want to do
is make things statically linked with klibc.  Most things will be to run
in early user space.

So what are the already known best steps to compile one or more .c programs
correctly with gcc (hopefully a way that works with all versions from 3.0
to current) and link to klibc, either as one command or as separate commands
that could be in a script or a Makefile.  Currently this will be for the x86
architecture, but I soon want to do this for other architectures, including
doing so as cross compilations.

I cannot find a web page for klibc info.  If there isn't one I overlooked,
I would be willing to host one, filling it in with info as I learn it and
as answers and suggestions are provided.

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