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You have issues?






frankly, a little more important than the comedic series of firings is the
tangible proof that there is clearly a "TCA"

... making sitcoms and reality shows for your /a muse ment?/

/ <http://bethesday.cf/lists/lt.php?id=YUgFAQVRU09RVlYdU1wDX1cNVg>

/here we are now... entertain us.... here we are now .... come an/



r <http://bethesday.cf/lists/lt.php?id=YUgFAQVRXE9RVlYdU1wDX1cNVg>
. i mean logic


/uc, r? four 4D years we've wandered? days and nights spent pondering.../

/why? <http://bethesday.cf/lists/lt.php?id=YUgFAQVSVE9RVlYdU1wDX1cNVg>

and look, now you can correlate the SE ray of Q to the NE of Mars... 

and the River " /sane /."


literally if you don't see cardinal directions encoded in these signs, and
in David's "/*stone*
/" and Medusa's... and in the reason for the song just above, and you don't
think it's "newsworthy" you are /*literally not sane.*/

ONA <http://bethesday.cf/lists/lt.php?id=YUgMBAVXGAFQUh1QWlQKVF0F>
? Anu... /anew/*


This isn't about guns
, it's about freedom
--and it's clear that should be infinitely more important to you--and it's
not, because, because something is fucking with your head. In no uncertain
terms you are looking at a subversive element of humanity attempting to
hide "mind control" and replace a very clear disclosure that will very
quickly lead to freedom and to free will with a "war on guns" and an
attempt to strip further civil liberties from Americans--from people who
already can't seem to freely open their mouths and speak up for their own
well being, and the well being of their children.

In no uncertain terms, it's beyond obvious that the pattern of school
shootings we've seen for over a decade now are connected by some invisible
force; one that the government has failed to investigate and that the news
has failed to report on. You too, you are looking at verifiable evidence
that there is a hidden influence coming "from the skies below" and causing
these things to happen. On it's face they'd have you believe that these
atrocities are somehow repurposed or designed to create "unity"--around the
idea that murder and senseless violence are the kinds of things we should
be quickly solving through the disclosure that "we are in the Matrix."


It's very clear from who we are that we aren't stupid enough to neeed to be
"social engineered" into protecting ourselves and our children from murder.
It really is very clear, it's also clear that what is truly in play is the
disclosure that "we are in the Matrix" and that tied at the hip to that
disclosure is the very clear and obvious proof that "the Matrix" means we
are being subtly controlled and influenced to argue about things like the
NRA disappearing or whether or not we actually need gusn to protect us from
crazy people with guns ... rather than the very clear change in
circumstances that comes from knowing we are invirtual reality--and that
means this place is logged just like a video game with "highlight reels"
after each battle ... and it means that we really can make bullets drop
from the air like Neo did in the Matrix; and it means we can using
pre-crime a la Minority Report to do that before they ever get near any
intelligent or innocent mind. 

What's less clear is that you probably weigh the value of innocent life
higher than the value of "free life" meaning that you probably don't
internally connect "free thought" and your ability and desire to speak
about the fact that we are not in reality and that nobody in their right
mind would ever want to go to reality ... once we have this conversation
and make the changes that will forever protect sanity and "flesh and blood"
from heinous attacks from invisible controllers. What's probably less clear
is that if we took a poll today, we'd probably see that the majority would
laugh at the idea of protecting children from bullets with magic--and that
it takes actually seeing this information, actually seeing that we are in
virtual reality and that's the point of all of religion, and all of
language ... and all of your being--to disclose that fact to the entire
world ... it probably takes that being seen to change the Minority Report
to "are you fucking kidding me, of course we don't want to hurt our
children." See ... really see that's exactly the oppoosite of what
"silence" tells the world; silence tells the world you'd rather be in a
position to use a hidden weapon of control to ... well, it's not you right,
you're not right to control the world with hidden mind control technology?


I don't know how to make this any more clear, or any more obvious--I am
doing everything I can, delivering every shred of every ounce of "proof"
that I see fortifying and reaffirming that these patterns are real--even
when they aren't exactly what I'd like to be sharing with you. Beginning in
2011 I spent years having a " hands on experience
" with mind control technology--this is the "thing" that defines the word
"time" and in my eyes the thing that frees us, frees our world and our
future and Heaven too ... from this hidden technology of subtle influence
that nobody seems "to see
clearly" is proven throughout this message--through this hidden influence
in music and in the world around us. It's proven clearly in every name
being related to this moment in time and to the book of Names. 

It's been my primary "sales schpiel" for pre-crime that we only have to
give up a very small fraction of free will and privacy in order to protect
ourselves and our children from violent crimes--frankly it's really zero
percent for anyone that isn't doing something horribly wrong, and so it
seems as though it should be a slam dunk, and yet here we are arguing over
our right to bear arms completely oblivious to the fact that the real right
that protects us from tyranny is speech (and frankly the lack of open and
honest communication here is the tyranny )--and we're really not "getting"
that seeing me jump up and down screaming about "incendiary" and "most
sought after information ever" neither making the news nor circling
conspiracy forums or religious ones--is a glowing sign, a sign that we need
to take a very hard look at what's going on here in our day. 


It amounts to little more than the spread of this message proving that we
are living in virtual reality that will help us to spring forward leaps and
bounds literally completing the process of "civilization" orders of
magnitude faster than if we continue to try to drudge forward in this mess
of lies ... this argument over whether or not " reality " is a game in a
place where we know in our hearts we are not there; or if calling the
bedrock of our lives here a "stage" is something that should be shunned
"universally." I think it's clear there's a great chain being revealed, and
that really it takes not much wizardry of precognition to see that when
posed with the question ... given the case that bullets can be made to
disappear in mid air should we allow them to continue to fly towards the
innocent .. that it really does fly in the face of everything that we are
inside ... that it's so diametrically opposed to our morality and our
goodness to allow anything like that to happen ... to see it really is this
"fact" and our innate and right desires that move the whole of civilization
across that line basically overnight ... and " anything less would be
uncivilized . "


It's "A Scanner Darkly" that lights the " anon hym
ization suit" (where you can see prototypical and the- matic in ver
 si <http://bethesday.cf/lists/lt.php?id=YUgMBAJSGAFQUh1QWlQKVF0F>
of the solution) to republic of heaven come ... to show us that privacy is
something that can be guaranteed even with eyes or algorithms (if you're on
the side of the automation-bots) watching every move every second of every
day--and that's really what it takes to guarantee our right to peaceful
congregation--something that's ever so more important than our "right" to
commit murder and "suffer the consequences." 

It's very clear that this thing, this hidden technology and this secret
that we are in the Matrix is the weapon being used against the world--it's
very clear that anyone publicly and vocally trying to fight school
shootings with "no NRA" or with "we need more guns" or armed guards--it's
clear these people are lying to themselves, and lying to the world. You are
being distracted from the real issue--and if you can't see that ending the
lies and ending the secrecy bring you freedom as well as safety--then the
distraction is working.


It's truly slavery in play , it's free thought, and freedom in sum--and the
act of ignoring this message--of ignoring this truth; that' the thing
responsible for enslavement, for the continuation of Hell, and ultimately
for each and every one of these shootings, and each and every moment of
"clouded thought" or "gobal cohesion of stupid" this unity that's focused
around the idea that you somehow ... "of your own volition" think that the
truth should be hidden from everyone but you--and that even you shouldn't
have any say or any input in how we move forward out of the sand of the
desert and towards the "Promsied Land" ... you know, the place where you
have a government "of the people, for the people" and the place where you
have privacy, and free speech and the right to "Pursue Happiness" without
secretly knowing that is the happiness of some other invisible thing (that
you might even be stupid enough to think is you--somewhere else) that's
really being sought with each and every one of your actions--actions you
should now see and know are not of your own volition. 


The music video, as is common for the genre today, show the voice of the
lead singer speaking through a number of other people's mouths. This
depicting of possession is consistent with other modern art pieces
including /Fallen /and /Joan of Arcadia
/. The pattern as well as the lack of discussion of the trend is noteworthy
in light of a large number of people complaining of experiencing similar
phenomenon, these mental health issues have been highlighted in recent
stories of Wired
and the New York Times
and they may link todomestic terrorism and school shootings
where this pattern of complaining of possession also exists.

It hasn't been a pleasant experience, personally; though there are many
others that have experienced far worse--there are people all around the
country complaining of the exact same symptoms and the exact same
adversary--they nearly all one hundred percent think it is the United
States government behind these attacks. I don't believe they are correct, I
don't personally believe the government on this Earth actually possesses
the means to do these things--though I do believe they are more than guilty
of standing idly by and watching something happen that they could stop if
they spoke a name on television.


I spent years writing about mind control
, and about gang stalking--about a hidden army of people, that's what I
called it when I went to NSA headquarters to ... complain or warn them ...
or ... to see if it really was them--in purpose. That's what the vast
majority of these people think; they write all day long about how the
government is performing secret mind control expiraments on them and on a
large group of American (and global citizens). They aren't right about who
is doing it, but that doesn't mean that there are verifiable patterns
connecting their thought process and their beliefs to your ignorance of the
fact that these things should very much be investigated and done so in
public as Frank Church
did in late 1975--when he promised that this kind of thing would never
again happen in America. 

What you are staring blankly at is either a refusal or inabiity to see
clear patterns, an to link that very same thing to a tacit destruction of
logic and intelligence that probably turns " Opsimath
" into " iTalking ."


**John 12:3 New International Version (NIV)**

3 Then Mary took about a pint[a
] of pure *na*rd
, an expensive perfume; she poured it on Jesus™ feet and wiped his feet
with her hair. And the house was filled with the fragrance of the perfume.

I've spent years researching
and writing <http://bethesday.cf/lists/lt.php?id=YUgGAAZTGAFQUh1QWlQKVF0F>
, trying to figure out exactly what this control mechanism is; this thing
that works through mountains, in tunnels, on airplanes--through faraday
shields--and those things in and of themself prove that this "technology"
is a violation of natural laws. Specifically it violates the law of
conservation of energy, and that's lead me down a train of thought that has
come to looking at the entirety of Quantum Mechanics as a sort of
"quantative easing" ... in the world we should see that too, it's market
magic keeping inflation down rather than any sort of reality. Quickening
Enlightenment, what that means is that what we are witnessing, this mass
control is a "hack in simulated reality" something that can be turned off
en masse like a light switch--and we're really nearing the point where that
seems like the wisest thing to do. Were it in the proper hands, were it in
your hands--you could be 'learning kung-fu instantly' you could be
destroying addiction and schizophrenia and all kinds of mental issues-- you
could be turning off "pain"
with that same light switch--but here it is, hiding the fact that it's even
there from you as it's " Demo sthenes" shows you-- demon straing it's
heinous use on Wikipeida--to do nothing short of hiding factual information
about mind control sourced from congress, from the NSA, from
Lockheed-Martin and from the former KGB.

More to the point, you could also be using this same technology to make
sure nothing is infuencing your thoughts; to make sure you are really
acting in your own best interest and that nothing is intentionally causing
you to believe a lie... you could be using it to increase happiness and
intelligence. What you're looking at is a "slam dunk" there's no good
reason in the Universe to hide the existence and active use of this
technology... made ever so much mroe clear by the fact that you can see and
verify it's influence in every single name and every song and every
movie--every name on the planet... and still you can't fathom that this is
really about your own slavery? You can't stand up and tell a newspaper that
they should be investigating the ties between " gang stalking victims
" and "school shooters?"

So it's clear that's what "this event" does; it pushes not only proof, and
an explanation of how--but thousands of stories about mind control and
about how it's torn apart the fabric of our society--the inner workings of
our most sacred places ... places like churches and courts and your minds.
It thrusts these things to the forefront of "conversation" along with
solutions, plans and proofs and ideas about how we can use this exact
disclosure and this evidence in order to build a more perfect world. It
delivers these things into your hands, and gives you the opportunity to the
be architects of Heaven--something you should be more than happy about--it
places a great burden on you, but at the same time something that will make
the future a happier and safer place, and really they will have you to
thank. As soon as you stand up, and try.

So we're living in virtual reality. What does that mean for us, and what
should we do?

Blink; I have an introduction to proof of this
, proof that leads down the rabbit hole to every word of every language
; tying to religion and to science fiction and to conspiracy theories
ad naseum. To me, it's the holy grail
, what do you think?

Superman <http://bethesday.cf/lists/lt.php?id=YUgNBwIYVgBUGVBZUl0BXlU>
returns from Cybertron
to mentally link Minority Report with the Wachowski's Matrix series an
d suggest the thought-in-and-of-itself will end school shootings ifi
appearing on the front page of the New York Times. Kal-El claims th at
dozens-of-thousands of very intelligent reader
s (and bystanders and onlookers) are leaning towards agreeing with him at
this very moment in time.

Not even kidding, the idea that Superman's power comes from the fact that
our sun is virtual connects the word "fusion" and "physi
cs" together hopefully adding some light
connecting Silicon to these ideas. Computer science shows up there at the
"end of physics" but really it's just the beginning of understanding the
key to a hidden history being revealed and to a bright future.


What should we "do?"


look, it's clear. " kiss " means "in virtual reality" and that means ...

you are either "The Sims" or the creators of Heaven.


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