[klibc] ipconfig: fails to add default gateway

Thorsten Glaser tg at mirbsd.de
Sun Oct 1 20:44:29 PDT 2023

Dixi quod…

>(I will probably have to see how I can rip ipconfig off initramfs-tools
>and plug iproute2 in (YAAAAY! (NOT!)) since I also got a v6-only machine
>and the “ip=” kernel parameter is Legacy IP-only. Unless both are solved
>problems already. I could use v6 for this machine, too, if that would
>be easier.)

And that would be Debian #627164 from 2011.

Damn, I guess this means I’ll have to hack this up myself, perhaps
with https://gist.github.com/zajdee/65aad61f35d3a63c56c7d1cc76c22e14
or something as base (but also teardown, this is for dropbear only).

(Adding this mostly for thread completeness, as the only thing of
this that pertains to klibc would be lack of IPv6 support and lack
of “onlink” flag support for a Legacy IP default route.)

Good night,
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