[klibc] ipconfig: fails to add default gateway

Thorsten Glaser tg at mirbsd.de
Sun Oct 1 20:23:28 PDT 2023

With netmask (or probably to work
around the earlier bug) and a gateway that’s totally out of network
(not even the first bit is identical), which, yes, is a totally shit
setup by a VM provider, adding the route fails.

Looking at ifupdown, this is almost certainly the same as #378506
from 2006 which was fixed by “forcing the gateway onlink”.

This seems to boil down to just call ip(8) with that flag. Which…
… does things. I guess.

Without claiming to understand *anything* about this, it seems like
ip(8) uses a different way of communicating routes to the kernel from
classic SIOCADDRT in ipconfig, and the latter cannot set the onlink
flag, nor does the kernel add it on translation. Ugh.

(I will probably have to see how I can rip ipconfig off initramfs-tools
and plug iproute2 in (YAAAAY! (NOT!)) since I also got a v6-only machine
and the “ip=” kernel parameter is Legacy IP-only. Unless both are solved
problems already. I could use v6 for this machine, too, if that would
be easier.)

//mirabilos (one of those people who remember their 3FFE:: addresses)
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