[Lancelot] Something to watch out for...

Tommy Thorn tommy at numba-tu.com
Thu Sep 23 00:59:08 PDT 2004

David Brown wrote:

>As far as I understand it (I'm just a customer, but I've talked to my
>distributer about this), the licensing works as follows when you buy a Nios
>development kit:
>You get 1 year subscription to Nios (i.e., all upgrades).  You have a
>perpetual license for the Nios (i.e., you can use it for ever).  So after a
>year, you can't upgrade it (except perhaps for service packs?), but you can
>still use it.
>You get 1 year subscription to full Quartus, with a 1 year limited license.
>After that year is up, you cannot use full Quartus anymore.  You are free to
>use the web edition as normal, along with your Nios license.
>Normally, if you buy a full Quartus license, it works like the Nios license
>above.  The 1 year limited license is a special arrangement for the Nios
>kits.  And for many users, the web edition will be perfectly sufficient -
>steadily more "full" functionality gets moved to the web edition - for me,
>the only problem with the web edition is that it doesn't support Stratix
>(except the small ones).  Considering the price of a full licence is not
>much more than that of one of the big Stratix chips, it's not a huge
You're right in everything but that.  The $1k Nios II Stratix II dev. 
kit would require a $2k/year sw subscription after the first year. How 
exactly does that seem reasonable?


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