[Lancelot] VGA controller for displaying RGB pixels

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Wei Mark Fang wrote:

> Does anyone have a VGA controller design for

> displaying RGB pixels? That is one that takes an input

> of 24 bit value per pixel and outputs it through the

> DAC to monitor.


> I am trying get it to test on NIOS II processor, on a

> stratix board.


While there isn't a lot documentation for the reference design, have you
taken a close look at the code? When you do, it would be handy to have a
copy of the TI data sheet for the video DAC handy. It is a pretty robust but
straight forward implementation for a frame buffer device. If you need more
reference material, on XESS's web site (http://www.xess.com
<http://www.xess.com/> ) there is a reference design (for a Xilinx device)
with supporting documentation. 





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