[Lancelot] RE: Lancelot Digest, Vol 10, Issue 3

Derek Simmons DerekSimmons at frontiernet.net
Sun Mar 13 23:31:20 PST 2005

If you are able to build a small project that can control the LEDs, up-load
it, and have it operate properly then I wouldn't make the programming cable
a priority. The files you are up-loading to the configuration controller are
being handled by the MAX. Contained within the files I think is some CRC
error checking. The output from up-loading the files shows that they were
written to the FLASH correctly. 

Can you run the debugger and step through the source code and see that it is
executing the program?

If you can, then the problem might be with the interface/addressing of the
flash memory.

You are trying to figure out why there aren't any RGB going to the video
DAC. The three reasons I can think of are:

a) software - program isn't running
b) pin assignments for the flash RAM
c) the system header file generated by SOPC doesn't have the correct address
for the flash memory

Hope this helps but at this late hour I'm not sure if I'm making any sense.


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> Hi Derek,
> I am using Altera's Cyclone board, not a third party one.  I am also able
> to create a project that controls the LEDs so maybe it is the cable, I'll
> try to get a USB one soon.
> I tried the following the manual's instructions again, this time with the
> flash.flash file that Marco provided (after erasing the entire flash
> device as he suggested).  There is still no monitor output.  But when I
> look at the HSync and VSync signals from the Lancelot's VGA output with an
> oscilloscope, I do see waves.
> The positive and negative width's of the HSync are 28.6us and 3.7us, and
> the positive and negative for the VSync are 110us and 16.5ms.  It seems
> like the HSync signal matches the 640x480 timing requirements, but the
> VSync matches the 800x600 requirements and is inverted?!
> Thanks,
> Jowen

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