Stephan Engström sem@actisolutions.com
Tue, 23 Oct 2001 10:06:23 +0200


First I must say that this project is really, really welcomed here. I
have been looking for this a long time and even began coding something
like this, but I just had too many questions regarding portability and
other troubles.
If Peter has massive amount of time to spare I would really like some
more information on the following:

- Can this project ever be portable to, let's say, Solaris?
- This fixed adress that the PM attaches to, how safe it is and in what
conditions can it fail?
- Is it possible to share the PM among processes?

Anyway, I wanted to test and benchmark the clever lpsm_zalloc() and it
doesn't work very well, I get a segfault when the first buddy allocation
is called.
I use v 0.1.5.

In zalloc.c the mmap call return -1 (ENODEV), when I try to add the
MAP_ANONYMOUS flag to mmap the program segfaults a couple of hundred
times and then dies. Thats how far I came.


/Stephan Engström