H. Peter Anvin hpa@zytor.com
Tue, 30 Oct 2001 18:04:40 -0800

Dan Maas wrote:

> Just thought I'd say hi since the list is so quiet... Thank you for making
> LPSM available; it is a neat idea and the code is very clean!
> I've been working on something similar for one of my own projects. My needs
> are somewhat different than LPSM (I don't need transaction logging but I
> share the arena between many processes, mapped at different addresses). I
> might use the malloc code from LPSM as it seems much more advanced than what
> I have now. (with full LGPL compliance of course).

Cool... you'll have to adjust the SLAB page pointers to be offsets rather
than pointers, but that should be a trivial modification.

> Just curious- are you allowed to say what project LPSM was originally
> designed for? =)

Sure... I have been interested in persistent operating environments ever
since running a MOO-based MUD back in '92-'93.  I have had ideas of
porting MOO to use LPSM; I also have some design ideas for a more advanced
general-purpose persistent operating environment; MOO is actually
surprisingly general-purpose, but there are some quirks centered around
the assumption that it is a MUD server which are fairly complex to work