[klibc] klibc insmod for recent kernels

Marco d'Itri klibc@zytor.com, md@Linux.IT
Tue, 24 Dec 2002 20:53:26 +0100

On Dec 24, Arnd Bergmann <arnd@bergmann-dalldorf.de> wrote:

 >Do you have any plans to convert the rest of the module-init-tools as 
Not really, unless somebody thinks this would be useful. I can't see
why, the other programs are big and complex and should not be needed at
boot time. I see no point in using rmmod or lsmod, and depmod and
modprobe should be used when the file system is being built.

And the programs would still be very big and with a lot of features not
needed at early boot time.

 >Since the module-init-tools are still changing rapidly (at least 
No, insmod is not supposed to change, at least for the parts I left.