[klibc] ARM/Thumb updates and some other minor tweaks

H. Peter Anvin hpa at zytor.com
Mon Feb 23 07:42:32 PST 2004

Russell King wrote:
> Well, the above is the current bleeding edge - moving up to .24 is real
> painful and impractical for anyone who hasn't got lots of time on their
> hands.
> I handed it over to someone else to look after a couple of months back
> while I concentrate on 2.6, and they're only just getting the initial
> builds of a 2.4.24 ARM kernel building...  Therefore any more up to
> date 2.4 kernel for ARM is going to be a while yet.

Well, my point is that klibc for 2.4 is going to be iffy at best, since 
klibc is tied pretty hard to the kernel, and since I'm only developing 
it for a 2.6 code base.

After all, the goal is to eventually integrate it with the kernel build.


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